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For more information about Carbinite Metal Coatings, please contact us at your convenience. Business hours Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST.
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Carbinite is a tungsten-carbide alloy that can be applied to most metals using a process called electrospark deposition (ESD), yielding a true metallurgical bond. This high bond strength far surpasses any spray-on coating currently available. Carbinite can be used as an alternative to spray, thermal, or diamond coatings in many applications.

Need a sample? CLICK HERE.

Carbinite is available in five standard Emery equivalences, and can be customized for your application.

Carbinite will not chip, flake, or peel. Guaranteed.

Carbinite can be reapplied without additional build-up, maintaining your tolerances.

Carbinite increases both the surface friction and the surface hardness of workholding material, up to a surface hardness of 72Rc, benefitting applications where slip or wear are an issue.

In applications needing an increase in the coefficient of friction, Carbinite's textured coating can be applied from 36 to 280 grit Emery equivalence. Need our tech specs? CLICK HERE.

Where a smooth or sliding surface is required, Carbinite's wear coating can be applied as smooth as Ra 2.5 µm or Ra 98.43 µin.

carbinite average turnaround time

carbinite is committed to excellence in customer service

Our maximum in-house processing time for standard orders under 100 square inches is 3 business days.
Need to rush your order? No problem!
Carbinite can be applied on-site for applications where shipping is not feasible. 

carbinite and

Carbinite Collet Grip Pushback work holding
Carbinite Tube Fabrication Workholding
Applying Carbinite to vise jaws, collets, and other workholding fixtures helps eliminate slippage, allowing you to grip even the most tricky parts. With the added holding power of Carbinite-coated workholding, feed rates can be increased and cycle times reduced.

Carbinite improves collet grip by keying to the surface of material stock, increasing the safety margin of your work holding by eliminating pushback and collet slip.

Carbinite improves the pipe and tube fabrication process by optimizing the clamping surface for maximum grip, resulting in a reduction of deformed and scrapped material.

carbinite and
primary metals

aluminum mill spool coating
Carbinite Aluminum Steel Mandrel
Carbinite’s textured carbide on expanding mandrels, spools, and pay-off reels helps reduce slippage. This reduces processing time due to the ability to pull tension sooner.

Additional applications include: Bridal Rolls, Expanding Mandrels, Gripper Wedges, Pay-Off Reels, Spools, and Table Rolls.

carbinite and safety

anti slip forklift coating safety
metal stair slip resistant
slip resistant plate flooring
Carbinite’s Non-Slip Safety Flooring can be applied on-site to your existing aluminum or steel flooring, and can be supplied as customized slip resistant plate.

Applying Carbinite to Fork Lift Forks eliminates slippage of pallets, making your workplace safer for your employees and your materials. Can be applied in-house or on-site.

Carbinite’s Non-Slip Stair Treads add grip to increase safety on metal-edged stairs. Carbinite is a better long-term solution than adhesive strips or grit paint..

carbinite and automotive

Coating your Supercharger Pulley or Marine Pulley (shown) with Carbinite may reduce belt slip, increase boost, increase HP and torque, and eliminate the need for cogged conversion.
Carbinite’s Chassis Dyno Traction Enhancement improves traction, increasing the precision of your readings. On-site application reduces your downtime.

Visit for more information on automotive applications.

carbinite supercharger pulley coating

carbinite land speed racing

Carbinite Land Speed Racing is an ongoing project with the end goal of being the fastest wheel-driven car on the planet at 500mph.

To Learn. To Serve. To Inspire.

The Carbinite LSR project is sponsored primarily by Carbinite Metal Coatings. Part of the project includes giving back to our community by presenting at local high schools, vo-tech schools, and colleges. Our vision is to inspire students to pursue careers in the STEM or Manufacturing fields.
carbinite land speed racing carbiliner
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